Like so many others, I am starting this year as the beginning of a new journey. A new adventure kicked off with the sky lighting up and the world joining in our celebration. After twelve months of struggles and hardships, the conclusion of 2014 brings the promise of a fresh beginning and a new tale to tell.

Also, the hope that it will be better.

The new journey undertaken includes a resolution to make a greater impact by year’s end. Moving to a new home was only the beginning. Getting a new job was just another puzzle piece. Even buying a new car is just a fragment of the journey which stretches out before me like a trek across the stars.

Like everyone else, I have twelve months to take under my wing. Each month will present me with new people to meet, new challenges to face and new stories to discover. Along the way, I look forward to discovering the fun times, the laughter and the comradery. I will also brace myself for the hard times to come and try to weather the storms of change that strike when I’m not looking.

Yes, hard time will hit. They always do. With luck, I will not only make it through the storm, but also find a means of helping others through their own difficulties. After all, helping others is a part of life. At the hardest times of my own life, a helping hand has always been the greatest of gifts.

I would love to look back on this coming year as the one where I was able to be a helping hand for others, finding the calm skies at the end of the path with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

Whether it is with a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on, may we all resolve to be a hero for this new year. I’ll see you at the finish line.

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