Ripples of Mind

Ripples of Mind
Ripples of Mind


Tommy and his family continue to recover from their ordeal with a madman having brought so much hardship to their lives, but as an incident takes place near his school, it becomes evident that their lives have far to go before they can move forward and Tommy must come to terms with his gifts and responsibilities before he can confront the storm of nightmares growing stronger and fueled by the Ripples of Mind.



Somewhere in the darkness a faint sound echoes throughout a forgotten passage, expanding in the silence as if it were a plea composed of vibrations….originating from a leaky water pipe and ending in a dirty puddle of water.
12 year old Brian Sacks huddles in the corner of his prison, shivering on the concrete floor and trying not to cry anymore. His twelfth birthday was a month ago and he promised himself on that day he would never again cry because crying was for little kids. His bouts of frustration and fits of anger with his mother made it hard to maintain that promise, but he held firm…until now.

The darkness around him isn’t cold, but he pretends that it is. Since he regained consciousness, he has been terrified and only the denial of warmth lessens the shame of his uncontrolled tears.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. He thinks angrily, putting both hands over his burning eyes, unable to take in a breath without shivering. I was gonna run away from home. I was gonna show Mom I could make it without her nagging and without school! I was… The realization that there is nothing he can do anymore – Nothing he can plan for – Nothing he can do for or against his mother… All her lectures of the past mean nothing here and all his anger at being stopped from doing whatever he wanted…

All of it is over.


Ripples of Mind is the second book in the Cat Rule Chronicles.