Jessica and her son, Tommy discover a kitten in their yard that is soaking wet and without a collar. Having wanted a pet, Tommy takes to it at once believing it to be a gift of luck. Soon Jessica begins seeing a dark figure around the house. A crazed killer is soon obsessed with finding the boy and cat, drawing nearer with each passing day. This evil man knows the kitten has a unique gift that he intends to possess, unaware, it has already shared it with Tommy. As they draw closer together, Tommy must put aside fear as he and his kitten are all that stand in the way of a madman and his obsession with possessing both child and kitten.

There are places that few people ever see and fewer know exist.
These places exist between gaps.
These gaps are everywhere.
Between events and memories.
Between family and friends.
Between life and death.

Those who are able to see the gaps can do things that would otherwise be inexplicable. They can see where the gaps are joined, and in the seeing, move between them…


Linked is the first book in the Cat Rule Chronicles.