20180128 Weekly Update

20180128 Weekly Update

The month of January is winding down.  Sickness is behind me, a new tire is on the road and my revised book is well underway.  I hope everyone else has had a good month so far.  The flu season has taken a toll at my paying job and I have been tempted to come in wearing a hazmat suit just to be on the safe side.  Likely, I’d settle for a Darth Vader mask just to match my personality, although it might look odd sitting at my desk working on travel docs sounding like a mechanical asthmatic.  Still, wearing a mask would liven up the day.  Hmmm…

As I mentioned, my revision is going well for Ripples of Mind.  I have merged a few chapters and have the illustrations well underway.  I hope to get it done in time for next weekend, but I will also be working on two other projects as deadlines converge.  Next week will have the monthly newsletter taking place as well as the monthly Vlog which I am also working on.  Gotta love it when paths converge in your life.  (yay?)

Speaking of convergences, someone commented on my Instagram, praising my posts and suggested I share them on PixApp.  I’d never heard of it so I looked into the site.  Apparently, it is a place for pictures to be made into posters, phone covers, mugs, shirts and magnets.  I’d never considered an outlet for my Instagram feed like this so I am now including them with each posting.  I went in and added a number of previous images just to see what the result looked like and I thought it was interesting.  So if anyone likes my pics, they are now available for purchase.  Who knew?

Instagram has become an interesting outlet for me.  The latest direction with PixApp has shown me that.  Even if no one likes my works enough to purchase, I may end up buying a few of my own works just to have them on my phone case, fridge magnets or just to have an image like the one below to make me smile.  It is so nice to have multiple ways of sharing our passions.  Speaking of which, here is my fave of the week:

Every lesson learned, challenge overcome and great adventure becomes wealth beyond measure when shared. Onwards! +

The Facebook post I most enjoyed writing was in answer to a question about “How do you start a book?”  My answer: Mostly with words, sometimes with doodles and on rare occasions, blank stares at my screen while the story unfolds in my head, keeping me fixated on what a grand adventure I am about to take. 🙂

A final personal note:  One thing I have learned from my latest bout of sickness is the need to have something to hold onto as you get through each day.  Many of us remain bedridden through the worst of our sick days.  The best thing I did was to keep my mind going.  I watched some movies I enjoyed, listened to audio books and read every chance I had.  I also doodled, wrote and kept posting on Instagram and Facebook.  Gotta love mobile tech! 

Remember to always find the thing that keeps you motivated every day.  Don’t let down time keep you there.  Hold onto your drive and find a reason to get out of bed every day.  This life is yours to shape as you like.  Make it a good one even on sick days.  Onwards!

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