20180120 Weekly Update

20180120 Weekly Update

The New Year is officially underway and with it, the dreaded sick bug.  I spent most of the beginning of the year dodging and weaving around these nefarious critters but eventually I, too, succumbed to their numbers.  Many co-workers have taken days off but I continued to move forward with all the determination left to me.  The bug eventually departed and recovery followed.  Take that, Death!

With my new role as an Outbreak monkey taking the forefront, less productivity was had, but Ripples of Mind revision is still going and the goal remains to complete it by month’s end.  I’m pleased with the cover design and will work diligently to get the final edits complete as well as populate the chapters with illustrations. 

Since I missed last week’s update, I thought it only fair to have two of my favorite posts from Instagram and Facebook.  Below are the two Instagram Posts I most liked these last two weeks:

We must ensure our hopes and dreams flourish in the light so they may add to the world’s beauty and magnificence. Onwards!


When you look out to the world with focus, determination and passion, every dream you conceive is yours for the taking. Onwards! +

Below are two questions posted that I had fun answering:

Question 1 posted: The dreaded Writers Block.  How do you deal with it?

My answer: I avoid eye contact and try not to look too vulnerable. Keeping a visible pen helps to deter any altercations. Otherwise, those gangsta writers will come out and accost me with their superior prose and I'll end up as just another chalk outline on their turf.

Question 2 posted:  What makes you think you are a good writer?

My answer: Writing is my passion. I can be good or horrible. If everyone thinks I'm horrible, I'm okay with that.

A final personal note: I had a flat tire this week.  It wasn’t a big deal.  I took it to get fixed at Costco.  They got me to buy two new tires since buying a pair is the preferred method for them.  I drove home two hours later with another flat.  It turns out they rotated my tires, flat and all.  I never got the two new tires I paid for.  Sometimes it feels like there is some grand practical joke being played and you are walking around with a “Kick Me” sign.  Oh, well…

I have a monumental amount of goals to complete this year.  It may not be possible to accomplish them but I will not stop until I give it my all.  In the end, that is all we can do.  Give it our all and look back, making sure we didn’t take the opportunity to do good and squander it.  I will keep moving forward and add to my life, the world and all those I find along the way. Onwards!

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