20170106 Weekly Update

20170106 Weekly Update

Greetings!  There is always something happening in our lives and since I can’t be there to chat with everyone, I’m happy to share a bit of my week.

I posted my monthly YouTube Vlog, entitled Resolutions.  It’s about a minute so you can enjoy without giving up too much time.  Check it out!

I also posted my monthly newsletter.  (Look!  It’s the post just before this one!) 🙂

The holiday season provided more than gifts this year.  I got to finish a few projects, met some resolutions for the year and am still following my dreams.  It’s the New Year, so the Christmas break kept me from ruling the world… this time.

I’ve returned to the revising/editing process for Ripples of Mind and will do my best to conclude my tweaks by month’s end.  (Fingers crossed!)  Here’s the cover I’ll be using for the update:

This week’s Instagrams are going well.  I am often amazed at how coherent my end of day thoughts are right before I call it a night.  Here’s the one I posted on New Years:

Every new year is an opportunity for bigger dreams greater adventures and incredible victories. Onwards! +

This week’s fave post I left on FB was: Pros and Cons of Pen Names?  Pro – When I name my pens, I can always tell which of them does a good job and which are slackers. Con – When I let someone borrow Betty, I never saw her again. I can’t tell if she was kidnapped or if she just left me for someone else. Oh, the woes of pen names!

On a personal note:  I took my car in for maintenance Wednesday and picked it up the following day with the help of a good friend.  It’s good to have someone who can lend a hand when a task becomes too difficult to manage alone.

As always, I hope everyone is doing well and the New Year is looking up.  Keep smiling and keep your passions alive…and as always, Onwards!

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